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Discover how the foul-mouthed and irreverent comedy Bar Room Hero explores love and relationships with a lovable loser.

Due to a hard breakup and years after leaving his small town behind, Mike returns penniless and still broken-hearted. Mike reconnects with his best friend Steve and his old group of friends. With plenty of beer and laughs, Mike's friends try to help him stop wallowing in his self-pity.

With a stint at the local bar, Mike befriends a beautiful and soon-to-be divorced barmaid named Maggie. Mike is immediately drawn to her and pines for her affection.

The tension begins to mount as Mike visits with Maggie at the pub on a regular basis. Steve, Mike's best friend, recognizes Mike's desire for Maggie and begins urging Mike to confess his feelings. Reluctantly, Mike refuses to express his feelings on the notion that Maggie will reject him. The situation goes awry when Mike musters the courage to finally show Maggie his true intentions...

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